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About Lakeland

Where it began …..

With a love of interior styling and home furnishings, Lakeland Design was born.  From its very conception, owners Tabitha and Kerry Lakeland have shaped Lakeland into the brand it is today.

“In the beginning, I wanted to create more than just a product” says Tabitha.

“I wanted to build a brand and culture that excited and inspired the families homes that it was going into”. 

In a fast paced, ever changing world, our homes are our one reliable source of inspiration, indulgence and self-possession. Celebrating these very truisms, Lakeland have captured the essence of purity, simplicity and quality in the Lakeland Design Collection.

Part of the business that the Lakeland team enjoys nurturing the most is Lakeland Mini. A fun, unique and eclectic collection that celebrates a simple time, full of homemade lemonade, running barefoot on the beach and playing under the sprinkler.

Celebrating childhood and imagination, Lakeland Mini’s adorable collection’s designs will delight and inspire for years and years as will the uncompromising quality.

The latest addition to the Lakeland family is Lakeland Lounge, the brainchild of Kerry. With the fashion savvy woman in mind, Lakeland Lounge came to fruiton. Relaxed loungewear that is both generous and comfortable, utilising only the finest natural fibres accompanied by a small percentage of spandex for agility. Perfect for travel, lounging, entertaining and more.

Celebrate life, Celebrate Lakeland