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Social Mission

Royal Childrens Hospital

The NNU at RCH was extremely fortunate to have been a major recipient of the beatiful cot quilts, which were kindly donated by Lakeland Design in April 2009.

Over $50,000 worth of stock was delivered to the hospital, with many other departments at RCH also benefiting from this kidness including Gatehouse Centre, Children's Cancer Centre, Burns Unit, Children's Neuroscience Centre and Ronald McDonald House, to name a few.

In an everwhelming gesture of generosity, we feel indented to Lakeland Design for providing items that bring warmth and comfort to patients at the RCH and also provide a keepsake of their time at the hospital.

The NRU RUKrafty Group has been given the task of redesigning the cot quilts in order to ensure they are suitable for our premmie cots in the NNU. Over 200 cot quilts will be produced when the project is completed. These will undoubtedly bring great cheer to parents, staff and patients alike and for this, we are truly grateful.

We look forward to welcoming the team from Lakeland Design to this year's Annual A Celebration of Life Gala Ball not only as generous supporters of the NNU but also as new found friends!

(Neonatal News - Autumn 2009 - edition 07 p05)









A Word of Thanks from Lakeland Design

While most of us face our day with a healthy mind, body and spirit, there are many of us that, due to forces unknown, are facing challenges we could only imagine. The Royal Children's Hospital spends its time mending our beautiful little people (our future). These little people do not understand how a business is run, what a bank statement is, GST, TAX. And why should they? They should be outside, playing with their friends, going to school. Or taken home for the first time to be part of their new family. As adults, we can work out how our business can give to these little people.

Lakeland Design is a Designer and wholesaler of Soft furnishing. After being in the industry for 5 years we had accumulated a range of overruns and discountinued lines. Donating this stock to RCH for distribution to patients and families in various Departments including the Neonatal Unit, not only had benefits for us in terms of storage etc, but also ensured that the sure items we had designed from our hearts for beautiful little people, were shared with very special little people.

Thank you RCH for the amazing worh that your entire team does - Lakeland will be here to support you wherever we can.

(Response to Neonatal News - Autumn 2009 - edition 07 p05)

Thank You Letter

Dear Tabitha,

Thank you for your generous donation of stock to our organisation. Bridge Builders is very grateful to have received your donation to be able to distribute to young people and families in need.

Please note that your products were distributed to the following people / organisation;

 Pediatric Continence Association of Australia (PCAA), who were able to give young serious ill kids around the country some bedding. These kids suffer from chronic bowl and bladder disorders and are always in need of bedding.

 At risk young people in unstable home environments

 Low income / single parent families who were unable to afford bedding

 Bridge Builders young people who utilize the pillows every Monday night

Once again, we thank you for this kind donation and we were grateful to be able to disperse the goods on your behalf. The families and young people who received the products benefited greatly.

Kind regards,

Beck Mitchell