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The House That Lakeland Built

The house that Lakeland built.

01  After purchasing a perfectly shaped, flat, grassy block, we thought that our job ahead was simple.  With the style and size of house in mind we thought that the rest would be a breeze! We toyed around with plans ourselves and thought that we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted.

That was until we showed our very dear friend Rod from Theme Homes.  Rod has designed our last 2 homes and he thinks way outside the square of other designers.  After Roddy (as he is fondly known to us) perused our initial idea of floor plan, he glanced at the bin and then back at the plans.

With Rods 30 years of drafting experience, his eye could detect what we couldn’t. This is where I nick named him ‘Dream Killer’! So with Rod’s extensive knowledge and technique we started the planning process.  He conceptualised our ideas perfectly whilst creating an eco-friendly, thermally stable, light filled masterpiece!

And now the heart wrenching, exhausting yet exciting journey begins.........



 02  Don’t you just love Melbourne Weather!! Only a month in and delays have begun!! What month do they start selling gumboots??



 03  Yay ... Delays seem to be a thing of the past and we are moving ahead in leaps and bounds.  What would we do without SRM Chippies!!



Very exciting as the second storey begins ... Not sure how I’ll get up to have a look yet!!
04  Very exciting as the second storey begins ... Not sure how I’ll get up to have a look yet!!


05  The house is really taking shape now.  The scaffolding has just been erected so that the roof can go on.  Very exciting! 



06  Loving the roof.  Installed by Atherton Plumbing who managed to source the most gorgeous stark white guttering.   Teamed with the Colourbond Monument Roof ... Looks amazing and so happy! house_06.jpeg 
07  The Linea Scyon Weatherboard starts being installed. Loving the sharp shadow lines and can’t wait for the paint to start. 


08  Rylock Window delivery just arrived! These guys have been fabulous to deal with.  The windows that we have chosen are Double Glazed Composites.  Normally Aluminium windows are not something that I would go for, especially in our Hamptons style design .... but these are such high quality and have beautiful width to the surrounds which the size of the house requires for balance.  Pictures of installation won't be far away ... too exciting!  house_08.jpeg
09  While my tradie / fire fighter / project manager husband was up on the top of the scaffolding ... he captured this beautiful sky at dusk.  Love the gable.  He jigged the finial himself and hand made the vent ... to my specifications of course LOL.  All of the trim is Dulux Lexicon and it really makes the woodwork POP!!  house_09.jpeg
10 Windows are in and the Scottie and Leemy (as Liam is affectionately known by our nearly 2 1/2 year old) have been working like crazy to install the Linea.  All taking shape now.  Cannot wait for the scaffolding to come down .. I keep saying the unveiling will be like a beautiful teenage girl having her braces removed!  Rendering of the front pillar section begins tomorrow. Cannot wait to see the end result of that little job!   House_10.jpeg